Herbakko Herbal Blend - 50g

Herbakko Herbal Blend - 50g

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Herbakko (herbal tobacco) is a unique and smooth herbal smoking blend, a herbal tobacco blend/ mixture composed of herbs, spices and flavours. It is based on a traditional herbal recipe.

Herbakko is 100% Tobacco Free and Nicotine Free.

Can be used therefore by people who would like to quit their addiction to tobacco smoking since herbakko offers smokers an enjoyable and satisfying alternative or tobacco substitute.

Can provide the desired behavioural and physical support and reassurance much needed during the early and difficult days following the decision to quit the use of nicotine and tobacco products.

Herbakko can also offer people a method to quit smoking in a gradual way, perhaps similar to the way in which they started smoking.

Combining these herbs, spices and flavours and allowing this unique combination to mature and age in fruit juices and honey gives you the opportunity of a unique pleasurable smoking experience.

Although our herbal blend is both nicotine free and tobacco free it does create some tar. Tar is always produced from the combustion of natural materials. However our blend is more likely to contain less tar than regular tobacco products.

Our unique herbal blend has a delicate fragrance and aroma. It is non-addictive and easy to use. It comes in a uniform mixture and rolls like regular tobacco. It is formulated for people who enjoy the smoking experience without the risks of nicotine or tobacco addiction.

Herbakko's unique blend burns slowly and steadily and does not extinguish readily thus providing you with an enjoyable smoking experience.

Made In Donegal, Ireland